Your Mis-Sold Mortgage Claim Could be Worth £1000's

Who Can Make A Mortgage Mis-Selling Claim?

Many are owed thousands of pounds because their mortgage was mis-sold to them. It's extremely easy for us to find out if you were one of them.

Can You Answer Just One Of These 20 Simple Questions?

If so, then we would like to hear from you.

1. Did your mortgage adviser make you aware what a "payment shock" would be if future rates increase?

2. Were you advised to change to another lender without being fully informed of all the fees and possible penalty charges that might actually make you worse off than if you stuck with your present mortgage lender?

3. Did your mortgage adviser make sure you could afford to repay the mortgage?

4. Were all your personal circumstances taken into consideration?

5. Did your adviser tell you about all of the fees and commissions involved at the first interview and then make sure that the stated costs were what you actually paid?

6. Were you sold a fixed term mortgage, but the adviser did not assess how you would cope with an increase in payments when the fixed term ended?

7. If it was always the plan to remortgage at the end of a fixed rate period, did your adviser explain early redemption fees?

8. Did you pay the adviser a separate fee which was a percentage of the mortgage amount?

9. If you were sold a remortgage to consolidate your outstanding debts, were you advised of the overall full and true cost of repaying your mortgage over a longer period and any implications that might have?

10. Were you sold a new mortgage even though you were already struggling to make repayments on an existing one?

11. Were you sold a mortgage while you were on benefits?

12. Did your adviser verify all the information you provided for the mortgage application?

13. Were you a council tenant who was advised to buy your council house without an proper assessment of your financial situation and circumstances?

14. Did your adviser explain properly that payment protection insurance (PPI) would be added to your mortgage payments?

15. Did your adviser comply with the full decision making process as to whether you could afford the mortgage and which product was the most suitable?

16. Were you sold a sub-prime or non-conforming mortgage even that you may have qualified for a standard lower rate mortgage?

17. Was you application "fast tracked" or were you sold a self-certification mortgage (often called a self-cert mortgage), where you vouched for your own income even though you were employed or could actually prove your income?

18. If you were sold an interest only mortgage to reduce your monthly payments, did the adviser fully explain the risks to you and discuss what would happen or where you would live if the capital was not repaid.

19. Were you sold an endowment mortgage and not warned of the risks involved?

20. If you expected to retire before your mortgage term ended, did the adviser talk to you about how you would be able to afford the mortgage during retirement?

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